Arménie jinova: Ako slovenský hráč som sa snažil nájsť…
Česká Republika morlox: Nějaký kontakt na tebe?
Česká Republika morlox: Nějaký kontakt na tebe?
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Romania Super Stunt - Trailer 0.3z - 2014

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20.09.2014, 13:27:04
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Trailerul oficial din 2014 al serverului Romania Super Stunt de San Andreas Multiplayer.
Pagina web:
Adresa server:
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Uita-te in 1080p si FULL-SCREEN ;3
I JUST MADE 300 VIDEOS !! ;3333

Special Thanks to:
#SALKE&Valoare(For Drift) ; balaur, Ketchup, Grounnd, Veneps, hOTsHoT, Skivo, Alcapone, Chaos, HeartKiller si multi altii care m-au ajutat sa filmez !
Va multumesc si Vizionare placuta !


Song: The Wings of Icarus (Ft. James Dooley)
Album: Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol. 02
Artist: Celldweller
Label: FiXT
Date: July 2012



Soundtrack for the Voices in my Head Vol. 2 both meets and transcends the expectations placed on the followup to Celldweller's first volume of instrumental soundtrack material. Everything you loved about Celldweller is still here - pounding riffs, intricate electronics, flourishes of orchestral strings - but new elements now expand the scope of Celldweller's instrumental ouevre. Dubstep-inspired bass-play, flirtations with Moohmbaton and progressive metal, and several shades of ambient experimentation round out the diversity of sounds here. Soundtrack for the Voices in my Head Vol. 2 is primed to continue Celldweller's domination of film, television and video game trailers with unforgettable original music.

Note: Songs are not belong me. All rights belongs to respective owners and creator!
This video is purely fan-made, it's done for entertainment purposes only. Have Fun!
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